We Help Great Builders Build Better Homes

Building Knowledge Inc. is a leading residential building science professional services firm dedicated to helping our clients build better homes – homes that deliver excellence in safety, durability, health, comfort, and efficiency.

High Performance Home Services

High performance home building is a process, not a product. Our process focuses on optimizing the performance of the home, with a focus on proven practices that provide benefits that home buyers care most about. This process not only improves the performance of homes it improves the businesses of those builders who choose high performance building.

Our successful approach to high performance home building guides builders to a position of market leadership. The process begins with an assessment of your current home designs and practices leading to recommendations based on your goals and objectives.

What Home Buyers Value

Home buyers value their families’ safety, health and comfort.

Home buyers value durability and efficiency in the consumer products they buy and the homes they live in.

Home buyers want the best home they can afford.

How are your homes safer, healthier and more comfortable than the other builders your home buyers are talking to?

How are your homes more durable and efficient than the other builders your home buyers are talking to?

Building Knowledge provides trusted, independent third party testing and verification to industry leading home builders who want to optimize durability, comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and operating cost.

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